In-Clinic Diagnostics

Bloodwork values are extremely important in veterinary medicine, due to our pet’s inability to verbally communicate with us. In fact, dogs and cats will often tend to hide painful conditions, due to their survival instincts. For this reason, Belle Chasse Veterinary Clinic has the most advanced diagnostic bloodwork analyzers available to provide fast and accurate results for our patients in the Belle Chasse, Gretna, and Terrytown areas of Louisiana.

Veterinary bloodwork testing and values are similar to those performed in human medicine. Blood chemistry values provide our experienced veterinarians with crucial information regarding the function of the liver, kidney, pancreas, as well as hydration levels. The complete blood count (CBC) unit at Belle Chasse Veterinary Clinic can quickly and accurately provide our doctors with platelet and red and white blood cell parameters. Urinalysis provides our veterinarians with additional and detailed information regarding the kidney function and hydration levels of the patient. Finally, heartworm testing can determine whether or not your pet may be suffering from heartworm disease. Our cutting edge laboratory can provide this critical information quickly, so treatment may begin immediately if necessary. You will typically know your pet’s bloodwork values prior to leaving our clinic.

Belle Chasse Veterinary Clinic is always pleased to offer our clients the best care available in veterinary medicine. Between our advanced equipment and the experience of our doctors, you can rest assured your pet will be in capable hands.