Dental Care

Did you know that your pet can live longer by receiving regular dental care? Without regular cleanings by a veterinarian, bacteria build up on the teeth and gums potentially causing damage to the liver, kidneys, and heart over time. At Belle Chasse Veterinary Clinic, we understand that you want to keep you pet healthy as long as possible, and veterinary dental care is one of the most important factors for the longevity of your pet.

How does dental disease begin in pets?

Oral disease in pets begins much the same way it does in people: bacteria in the mouth harden and form a substance known as plaque which adheres to the teeth. If these bacteria are not brushed or cleaned away, they continue to accumulate and harden into material known as tartar. Studies indicate that eighty percent of pets will develop some level of periodontal disease by three years of age without proper cleaning and care.

What are signs that my pet may be suffering from periodontal disease?

Our pets have a natural instinct not to outwardly display indications that they are suffering from pain. This comes from the fact that sick or weakened animals are often the targets of predators in the wild. While our pets will often do their best to hide painful conditions, some of the signs that they may be suffering from periodontal disease include:

  • •Bad breath
  • •Blood in the saliva
  • •Drooling
  • •Loose teeth
  • •Lack of eating due to the pain in the mouth
  • •Weight loss

Belle Chasse Veterinary Clinic serves the veterinary dental needs of the pets in the Belle Chasse, Terrytown, and Gretna areas of Louisiana, and we want to be there for your special pet as well. Please call one of our caring professionals and schedule an appointment today.